Favorite Links


Robert Rich
With more than 20 full-length releases to his name (including
the first entirely aural DVD) and credit for having invented the
Sleep Concert, Robert is a true ambient music pioneer.


Swirly Bits
The Reverend Tree is a very strange man who does very strange
things in very strange places.


Trent Kollodge
His sounds have been featured on our records and his equally
evocative imagery has graced our packaging.


Collapsing Silence
"I move the landscape, the trees, and the air with my body.
I create environments with great detail and then destroy
them as they are replaced with a new image...
I find darkness. I find light. Ego recedes."


Our friends Cody and Maureen like to document their vacations online
as they unfurl. Check out some of the places they've visited, replete
with hilarious annotations!


Missy Roback
Missy's lovely vocals adorned tracks on our Measuring the Marigolds.
Now she's released her very own full-length CD, Just Like Breathing.
Visit, listen, float along.


Myopic Chasm
Vaguely disturbed innkeeper Robert Repass, whose wide-ranging
talents also include writing, sound sculpture, film making, and Flash
design, operates from this recently refurbished California auberge.
Walk the halls, guard your pockets.


Manifold Records
Vince Harrigan runs this fine dark ambient label based in Memphis.
Of course, we may be biased; two early Mandible Chatter CDs were
released on Manifold. But honestly, Vince always has a great selection
of the newest in obscure mysteries.

Featured Artist(s): Aube, Totemplow, Maeror Tri, much more...


Nart Records
Music and noise from old friend Stuart Werner, the man who coined
the term regressive music.

Featured Artist(s): Freaks Amour


As far as we're concerned, Shouting at the Ground is the
definitive work of the ambient-industrial genre.


Coil have gone beyond their dark industrial roots to become fine
craftsmen of ritual and moon music.


The Beatles
"Some said it couldn't really be happening; that it was just publicity...
Others said they couldn't last more than a month or two; that nobody
could hang on to that kind of fame. The Beatles, of course, proved
them wrong..."


The Residents
Well, after the Beatles you gotta have the "anti-Beatles." The best thing
ever to come out of Shreveport, it was these unwitting, faceless four that
brought Mandible Chatter together. Blame it on them.


Joe Frank
"When endowed with profound religious feeling, your skin becomes
transparent and your blood begins to turn a thin watery hue until the
light of the sun streaming in the window passes entirely through you...
It is this condition of bliss that Joe Frank: Somewhere Out There
will attempt to elicit in its listeners."


Global Children's Art Gallery
The cover art for Measuring the Marigolds was discovered here.

"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint
like a child."

~Pablo Picasso


Incredible String Band
An appreciation of the Incredible String Band, past and present.


Monty Python's Flying Circus
And now for something completely different...


Alan Watts
"For more than forty years, Alan Watts earned a reputation as
a foremost interpreter of Eastern philosophies for the West."


John Cage
Were John Cage and Alan Watts separated at birth?
We're not sure, but certainly they do have a lot in common...
This is a good starting point.


Broadcasting its free-form sounds from Jersey City, New Jersey (and live
on the Web) WFMU is home to some of the most intelligent and
influential programming available anywhere.