East Palo Alto Days
(SF and Portland 2002)
(NYC 2003)
(Colorado 2004)

Our fierce guard dogs
warding away intruders.

Early Mandible Chatter, 1993
(Photo by David Agasi)

Inside the legendary workspace garage.
(Note the portrait of mysterious Jeurgen
in top left corner. This, along with the foam
arms, was among the many discovered

Assorted instruments of choice

Grant hums along, Jan 1994.
(Photo by Lance Keimig)

Food for the Moon

Neville listens back to a mix at Canyon
during the Grace sessions.

(Photo by David Agasi)

The Metal Tree

Yes folks, it really was a "rural ghetto."

Mandible Chatter visit their favorite
bath house. Sutro Ruins, 1996.

(Photo by Lance Keimig)