Of Foreign Lands and People
CD 2003
Available now from Relapse Records

All new soundscapes.
Pure ambient-industrial.

01. Swans and Ponds
02. On the Needles of these Days
03. Man Bites Spoon
04. Intraference (The Hums Do Not Intrude)
05. Tangle in Delirium
06. Seven are the Stars that Shine
07. A Sun to Lift Sleep from the Weary
08. Knight of Coins Reversed
09. Dweller on the Threshold
10. Delphinium Blue
11. Griogal Cridhe
12. Von Fremden Landern und Menschen

Measuring the Marigolds
CD 1999
Available here at Russell Records!

Their first release in two years finds the sound sculpture
provocateurs reinventing themselves as a folk/pop group
(but with their trademark twists and turns)! Catchy tunes
for even the most practiced of misanthropes!

01. The Toymaker's Dream
02. Wynken, Blynken & Nod
03. King Waterfall
04. Silver Apples of the Moon
05. The Dust Blows Back
06. The Lizard and I
07. The Grape Scrubber's Lament
08. Signposts on the Sea

The Willow Tree .09
Trampoline Town .10
Eastward Ho! .11
Psychotic Reaction .12
Children of Darkness .13
Hurricane .14
Half Rain & Apple Grey.15

The Drone EP
7-inch 1999
Available from Drone Records

Released in Germany as part of Drone Records' series
of vinyl-only EPs, this is an amalgam of old and new.
Side One contains two new pieces, while those on the
reverse are unused tracks from the Grace sessions.
The gamut runs from industrial to tribal to surreal.

01. The Myth of Progress
02. Intraference
03. Palm Sunday
04. Barnyard

Food for the Moon
CD 1997

Originally planned as two releases - one of songs and
another of instrumentals - Food for the Moon evolved
into the single CD presented here. Bookended by two
songs, the listener is transported through a generous
variety of sculptured ambiences that are alternately
hypnotic, blissful, mysterious, frightening, and
everywhere in between.

01. Sad Tree Song
02. Twilight of the Idylls
03. Swirl
04. Blessings from the Kingdom of Silence
05. The Dust Blows Forward
06. Food for the Moon
07. So Hot

CD 1995
New 2008 Reissue!
Available from Magnanimous Records

Created at the crossroads where improvisation and
musical arrangement meet, Grace conveys a tangible
spiritual essence as the listener is carried from one
soundscape world to another. Defies description...

01. Nevermind the Credits; Start the Dream
02. The Silent Presence
03. Piper in the Woods
04. Beyond the Valley of Blue Rosebuds
05. The Elements (Balance, Motion, Radiance, and Vibration)
06. Sleepless Night #37
07. Forty Mile Lullaby
08. Night of Falling Trees
09. Grace

Hair Hair Lock & Lore
CD 1994
Available here at Russell Records!

Darker, deeper, and more brooding than their debut,
Hair Hair Lock & Lore is the improvised ambient CD
that first caught everyone's attention in underground
circles. Still a favorite Chatter disc for some...

01. Coffins Filled with Earth
02. Bedrock and Paradox
03. From Whence and to Whither
04. Mass for Broken Needles
05. All is not God that Glitters
06. Arcalumis
07. Chinese Duck Stroll
08. The Death of Sweetness

The Death of Sweetness
Cassette 1993
Available from Ladd-Frith

Recorded live before an audience at the band's old
garage in lovely East Palo Alto, CA, this tape gave
folks a peek at what was next. The tracks here are
raw and unedited. This version of "DOS" is longer
than the one later released. Side two's cut is one of
the group's most obscure. Sound files pending!
01. The Death of Sweetness (extended version)
02. Where Green Feathers Blow

Drinking Out the Hourglass
CD 1993

Mandible Chatter's debut CD is pure raw, textural, improv.
Grey static, distant voices, hints of guitar and flute, not to
mention the group's then-penchant for playing their music
on any non-musical object they could get their hands on.
Our only regret is that it was 15 years too late to be
considered for the soundtrack to Eraserhead.

01. Swallowing the Moon
02. Three Days of Grey
03. Growing Fast in Sawdust
04. Preparing for the Severance
05. Bundle of Joy
06. Ossification
07. Pristine
08. Day of Creation
09. Instigate...Acquiesce
10. Farewell, Bohemia

Serenade for Anton
Cassette 1992

Mandible Chatter's first release originated as a live
performance for an unwitting neighbor across the street.
All noises here were improvised on electric guitars. And
while no longer in print, sound files will be posted soon!

01. Serenade for Anton (Part 1)
02. Serenade for Anton (Part 2)

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