Mandible Chatter

Hair Hair Lock and Lore (russell records) - An experimental group from San Fransisco that cannot be categorized precisely. HHL&L varies from sombre soundscapes (complete with rain & thunder) to dark noisescapes, to an accoustic guitar piece. But overall, the disc is categorizable in its intesity & dark quality. Involved ambience? Don't know what to call it. Great? Ok. {GS}

Grace (Manifold) - Absolutley stunning, multifaceted, moody - this disc defies categorization, containing brooding dark ambience, inspiring acoustic guitar pieces, tribal rhythms, radio-cut ups, textural noise, looped soundtrack themes, water running, what's not here? The amazing thing is just how effectively these things work together. Mandible Chatter's strength lies in their ability to see links and ties in sound beyond what most people see, and on Grace they use this insight to weave an ever-evolving constantly gripping tapestry like no other. Visual music? Get it. {GS}

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